Cuenca - Debajo de la segunda farola contains the collection of pictures and graphic experiments of my erasmus studies from the second semester of 2019/2020. I needed to kind of compress my moments to be able to fully experience them and I also wanted to have a visible answer if someone asks me: “Hi, How was your erasmus during the pandemic?”.  

Special thanks: Orsolya Nagy, András Kresák, Petra Molnár, Matthias Rapp, Jack Prados, Antonio Serrano García, Cristian Alcarria, Uriel Huertas Gerra, Ana, Iulje, ORI, UCLM, HUFA
Graphic design, photos: Péter Morvai
Studio photos: Bence Boldogh
Fonts: Agrandir, Formula Condensed, Monument Extended, Grafler, Neue Machina, Gatwick, Cirka, Hatton from Pangram Pangram Foundry
Papers: cover/Rainbow ofset 230 g, inside/150 g ofset
Printing, binding: Reactor Kft.
Pages: 224
Copies: 2

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